MGTZ has been associated with great music since its inception! We have three soundtracks, thus far.


Buy the first record on Amazon and any of your favorite digital outlets!
We also have limited physical copies in our StorEnvy.

My Gal, the Zombie: Mesmerizing Music for Morbid Monsters

Out June 2014 from Hairball8 Records, featuring:

Dance Zombies Dance by Dead by Dawn [brand new horror punk from the UK]
Where Were You by The Jekylls [new retro 60’s rock from Denver]
Human Fly Trap (Our Hero Escapes From Venus) by Blaster the Rocket Man [long out of print horror punk otherness]
Zombies by Sick City Daggers [rare psychobilly]
Surfside by Ghost Storys [rare surf psychobilly]
I, Zombie by Grave Robber [horror punk from Fort Wayne]
El Diablo Tacos Are The Best by Destroy Nate Allen [folk punk from Portland]
Romance Until I Die by The Nobody Elses [out of print horror country]
2,000 Leagues by The Tromatons [brand new horror punk from Chicago]
Dawn of the Deadbeats by Crush the Enemy [rare thrash from San Antonio]
When I Get Over You by Huntingtons [rare American punk rock]
Haunted Heart Remix by Concombre Zombi [new remix psychobilly from Austin]
My Zombie Gal by Cactus Jack and his Band of Outlaws [new outlaw country from Texas]
Dead Love by Soul Daddy [brand new hip hop track from Denver]

The following bands have all been featured in one of our TV episodes, too:
Kitty in a Casket
Blaster The Rocket Man
Grave Robber
The Undead
The Jekylls
Corpse Show Creeps
Forever Dead
The Ghost Storys (Klax)
Koffin Kats
Animal and the Prey
The Nobody Elses
The Chucks



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