TV Show

My Gal, the Zombie is the first independent comic of its kind to launch its own broadcast television series!

Our show is an old school style horror host show which extends to music videos, comic reviews, and more!
Starring Justine McKinney
Written and produced by Dan Conner
Written, costarring, and associate Produced by Patricia Krmpotich
Executive Produced by Ryan Davis

Stream episodes of our show, any time, on YouTube at or watch right here:

We have aired on a variety of channels throughout the US, at times which are subject to change. Make sure to check current and local listings for channels which include:

MATA in Wisconsin
KSBS Colorado, Cheyenne, and Nebraska
FVTV in Illinois, and online at
ACTV in Illinois

Bizarre TV on Roku
Beta Max TV on Roku

Eerie Late Night Horror Channel,
The Vortexx,
Kreepy Kastle,











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